Hideto takarai have girlfriend

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No he's gay. He likes to be a bottom. All the boys he's been out with are macho-type and a lot older & bigger than him.

Umm, actually no. Hideto is married to Oishi Megumi with a son and has been since 2000. Thank you.

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Q: Hideto takarai have girlfriend
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What is Hideto Takarai's son's name?

his son name is Hiroki

Who is hideto takarai?

He is the lead singer for the Japanese rock group L'Arc en Ciel.

When was Takarai Kikaku born?

Takarai Kikaku was born in 1661.

When did Takarai Kikaku die?

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When was Masaaki Takarai born?

Masaaki Takarai was born on November 2, 1975.

What is the birth name of Hideto Ebihara?

Hideto Ebihara's birth name is Hideto Ebihara.

When was Hideto Aki born?

Hideto Aki was born in 1970.

When was Hideto Horiike born?

Hideto Horiike was born in 1949.

How tall is Hideto Iwai?

Hideto Iwai is 176 cm.

What has the author Hideto Kisida written?

Hideto Kisida has written: 'Japanese architecture'

What has the author Hideto Kishida written?

Hideto Kishida has written: 'Japanese architecture'

When was Hideto Shigenobu born?

Hideto Shigenobu was born on 1954-12-11.