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what u need 2 do is be what he wants u to be and u tell him that he has to be what u want 2

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Q: Help i cant stop thinking about him I love him but im not his type of girl?
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What do you do if you love this girl but you already have a girlfriend and you cant stop thinking about the girl and you don't know if that girl you love will love you back?

guys i am 13 years old and i love a girl . she is 15 years old . how could i tell her that i love her ?? :'( and the problem is i am so shyful . and i don't have self confident . (( plz help me i can't sleep at night because of thinking of her

What do you do when you dont want to like a girl but just cant stop thinking about her?

you cant do anything men, admit it your in love with her

You cant stop thinking of your boyfriend?

Maybe Its Love ;)

The girl im in love with is dating another guy but she liked me first i cant stop thinking about her what do i do?

Text her and ask her how she really does feel, it'll be obvious if she likes you :)

What can you do if you fall in love with someone you cant love?

You can try not thinking about them. Get outside and let go:)

How do you make a girl love you for who your are?

You cant MAKE someone love you for who you are.

What if you cant stop thinking about a girl and your a girl?

Don't be embarrassed. If you like her in that way, tell her. Believe me it will get it all of your chest. I'm not a lesbian, or in fact a girl, but I told this girl I loved, and that made me realise that I didn't love her. Tell her, and see how you, and her, react.

How do you tell your husband your in love with a girl?

it is best to tell him to his face rather than another way you cant help it if you have feelings for the same sex.

Is it all right if you cant stop thinking of a person that's in love with you?

YES This most probably means that you are in love with him to!!

What makes you love some one?

i think that this is an impossible question- love is unexplainable- im absolutely head over heels in love with this girl, most of my friends say she isn't even that good looking, funny,intelligent or eimilar to me (which are 4 of the most common links) and yet you cant stop thinking about them. i think that is the essence of love though- you just don't know why, but you cant help be swept along, so as i said- i think it is not explainable, it just happens. Matt

Haw you make girl love you?

you cant make anyone love you. all you can do is try.

What is a song to tell a girl you love her?

Cant stand it by nevershoutnever