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Involves one's leadership how/she rules, manages and other people in decision making.

  1. Safety

- the condition of being free from harm, injury or loss of authority or power

2. Oppression

- unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power

3. Political will

- determination to pursue something which is for the interest of the


4. Empowerment

- the ability of a person to do something

- creating the circumstances where people can use their faculties and

abilities at the maximum level in the pursuit of common goals


- relating to the representation of non-physical traits, such as values, beliefs, attitudes and customs shared by a group of people and passed from the generation to the next.

  1. Practices

- a customary action usually done to maintain or promote health like use

of anting-anting and lucky charms.

2. Beliefs

- a state or habit of mind wherein a group of people place into something

or a person.


- the genetic transmission of traits from parents to offspring; genetically



- the sum of all the conditions and elements that make up the surroundings

and influence the development of the individuals.


- refers to the production activities, distribution of and consumption of goods

of an individual.

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Health has many factors because there is not single process or reaction that keeps the human body healthy. Diet, exercise, stress relief and many other factors are all essential to good health.

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Q: Health is a multifactorial phenomenon
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What is health as a multifactorial phenomenon?

Health as a multifactorial phenomenon involves several factors. These factors include economic, socio-cultural, and environment. It also includes political factors which involve political will and empowerment.

What is multifactorial transmission?

This occurs when environmental factors interact with genetic factors to produce traits. The term multifactorial means many factors. Traits that involve multiple genes and complicated patterns of inheritance are said to be exhibiting multifactorial transmission.

Is familial hypercholesterolemia a multifactorial defect?


What is a multifactorial model?

Multifactorial model is the belief that health and illness are a function of multiple factors involving biological, psychological, and cultural domains, and their interactions. It recognizes that there is no single, simple answer to the questions of why do some people catch every illness going around like the flu and some people go through all of winter with just the sniffles.

What cause Goldenhar Syndrome?

causes are Multifactorial but there may be due to gentic component

Is cleft lip a chromosomal error or a multifactorial trait?

neither, it is a birth defect

What is a multifactorial trait?

Trait that is controlled by many genes and is also influenced by the environment.

What are genetic disorders that involve more than one defective gene?

Multifactorial genes.

The El Niño Southern Oscillation phenomenon provides good opportunities to study?

Effects of climate variability on human health

Does genetic addiction appears to be polygenic and multifactorial?

Not entirely. Don't forget that there are father and mother genetic factors.

What does a physicist do in Antarctica?

A physicist might study astronomy there, ice quakes, or other physics-based phenomenon to do with the health of planet earth.

Does human dictates our phenomenon or phenomenon or phenomenon dictates human?

Phenomenon shape who we are, but we as humans also drive the direction of phenomenon.