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Protestantism takes care of your spiritual health.

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Q: Health care practices in Protestantism
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What influences of health care beliefs and practices?

There are many things that influence health care beliefs and practices. The main ones are culture and religion in various communities.

What are the health care practices of atheism?

Atheism isn't a belief system and doesn't have particular health care practises.

How do you Monitor the effectiveness of communication systems and practices in health care?

In order to monitor the effectiveness of communications systems and practices in health care a system must be placed that is able to track and observe all data and information.

What is the ethnicity barrier in health and social care?

I belive that in health and social care, the ehtnicity and the beliefs and traditions that people of that ethnicity uphold or without a doubt follow are what sometimes become barriers. This is basically because there are some practices or beliefs that go againts the scientific principles involved in health social care. They may not believe them and so may not approve of some health care practices that their ethnicity will be agiants with.

Influence of marriage and family on health and health practices?

family plays an important role in health and disease.marriage as well as family have their influence on the health and disease of people ie.its members such as care during pregnancy, postnatal care ,care of diseased, care of aged, socialization and reduction in antisocial behavior.

Do you feel that the threat of a malpractice claim actually affect how a health care professional practices?

There is no doubt that it does.

What are therapies or practices that do not form part of conventional health care called?

complementary and alternative medicine

What is another term for conventional or Western medical practices and systems of health care?

Scientific medicine.

What has the author Randolph Quaye written?

Randolph Quaye has written: 'African Americans' health care practices, perspectives, and needs' -- subject(s): Health and hygiene, Health Services Accessibility, Economics, Medical care, Patient Acceptance of Health Care, Health services accessibility, African Americans

Lessons learned from inquiries into serious failure of health and social care practices and from successful interventions?

lessons learned from inquiries into serious failures of health and social care practice

What is curative health care?

Curative care refers to health care practices that treat patients with the intent of curing them, not just reducing their pain or stress. An example is chemotherapy, which seeks to cure cancer patients. ... But that doesn't mean they won't have coverage for any curative care.

What first prompted health care providers to implement hand antisepsis practices?

bad micro organisms