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The others answers are wrong AF.

It means that when you start caring about YOURSELF (or "fall in love") you will start seeking the best version of yourself (mental, physical, spiritual, etc) and once you are there you will have no rivals. It's not about love.

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What it means is that if you love yourself, you will not care about what other have to say about you because you already know your perfect. plus people are usually attracted to people who love themselves so you'll not have any rivals.

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Q: He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals means?
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What does he that falls in love with himself has no rivals mean?

A possible meaning is that one who falls in love with himself will not find many other people interested in loving him; he won't be very attractive to others. As a result he will have only himself as a suitor. Similarly but from a slightly different perspective, a person in love with himself may know other people who want to love him, but his own affection for himself will be more important to him than their desires to love him. This is applicable equally to men and to women. It is written with masculine pronouns following an older and now mostly outdated convention that masculine pronouns are used when the reference is to people in general.

What are the major accomplishments of Aphrodite?

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What does He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals mean?

This phrase suggests that someone who is self-absorbed or narcissistic will not have competitors in their own eyes because they are overly focused on themselves. It signifies that vanity and self-centeredness can lead to isolation and a lack of genuine relationships with others.

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What does it mean to fall in love with himself?

it means that you were only concerned about yourelf. When someone says that you are in love with yourself it means that you only think about yourself

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