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If you are tasting bleach in your mouth and have not used the chemical for cleaning, you are probably tasting gastric secretions from your stomach. This will happen when you cough and the secretions come up your esophagus into your throat.

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Q: Haven't cleaned with bleach or been around it but I taste it in my mouth and when I eat Why?
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Is bleach poisonous if a toy is cleaned with a bleach cleaning solution air dries then a child puts the toy in their mouth?

Oh god you need parenting classes.

Why does your mouth stink?

the plaque around ur mouth that dosent get cleaned eats into ur teeth and gums and makes it smell

Is bleach good for a mouth sore?

No! Do not put any bleach in your mouth it is very dangerous.

What happens when you use bleach while taking a mouth swab?

Dude, do NOT rinse your mouth out with bleach no matter what your buddies tell you. You won't get rid of the THC. You will get popped for bleach--it's called adulteration and they're REAL fussy about it; no one drinks bleach unless they're trying to beat a drug test and listening to their buddies And you'll injure yourself badly.

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Which putting bleach in your mouth pass you on a cheek swab drug test?

Putting bleach in your mouth will cause severe chemical burns and it could kill you. Please don't do this.

Air from the outside is?

warmed, moistened and cleaned by the nose and mouth

Will you pass a sliva test after being clean for 2 to 3 day and not smoking pot and cleaning your mouth with bleach?

I'm not sure. But that's not worth the risk of putting bleach in your mouth.

How long does dental porcelain last in the mouth?

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Yes, with tooth whitening toothpaste and tooth whitening treatments applied by a dentist. Know, however, that this weakens the enamel and makes it more suseptible to decay. Plus the whitening doesn't last forever.

What action would you take if a child was swallowed a cleaning product?

What To Do If Your Child Swallows Bleach or Other Hazardous ChemicalsTry and establish what chemical your child has swallowed - you may notice some of the substance around your child's mouth or be able to smell it on their breath. Some bleach will cause burning around the mouth and lips, and possible discolouration of the lips.Wipe away any excess substance from the skin.Give your child sips of water or milk to drink.DO NOT make the child vomit.Seek medical advice immediately and take the suspected bottle of chemical to hospital with you.

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