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I think he is gay personally.

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Q: Has jean baptiste maunier ever had a boyfriend?
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What is Jean-Baptiste Maunier's birthday?

Jean-Baptiste Maunier was born on December 22, 1990.

When was Jean-Baptiste Maunier born?

Jean-Baptiste Maunier was born on December 22, 1990.

Does Jean-Baptiste Maunier is married?

i hope not :)

Is Clemence going out with Jean-Baptiste Maunier?


Does jean baptiste maunier speak English?

yeah,he does

Who wrote Gratitude is the memory of the heart?

Jean Baptiste Maunier

How did Jean Baptiste Maunier become famous?

Jean Baptiste Maunier is the name of an actor and singer who was born in France in 1990. He gained fame for his role in the 2004 film "Les Choristes."

Where does Jean-Baptiste Maunier live?

From what I've found out, he lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

What kind of girlfriend do Jean-Baptiste Maunier like?

He has a boyfriend called Marrion, which co-incidentally is John Wayne's birth name. Jean Baptiste Maunier and Marrion often dress up as cowboys in tribute to the western star, although the pair generally prefer to act out anal sex rather than Hollywood movies. Hope that helps!

Why is Clemence Saint-Preux famous?

shes famous because of her father,voice and jean baptiste maunier.

How old is Jean Baptiste Maunier?

born December 22, 1990,so 2009 he would be 19yrs old.

Does jean-baptiste maunier have a girlfriend?

oh dear god i hope not it seems to be an American girl,but I'm not sure.