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It was the Luzerne county Industrial School for Boys. It was also called Kis-Lyn. I was a boy of 16 there in 61 and 62. I spent 10 months there. there were several cottages which housed boys in various age groups. The cottage I was in housed boys 13-17 as I recall. I think this cottage was called The Lincoln Cottage. I also spent time in the Washington cottage. We had a school where we studied the regular high school curriculum. I remember taking several courses. It was a totally self contained system. The farm was worked by the boys and we raised all sorts of vegetables. There was a dairy also. Everything we ate was grown on the farm. It was not a typical reformatory. There was no fences, no cells and any boy could walk away anytime he wanted. We all had jobs. I was a trustee and worked in the offices. there were boys there from all over the state. I remember a boy in our dormitory from Pittsburgh.

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Q: Has anyone heard of the Kis-Lyn reformatory in PA?
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