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Has anyone gotten euphoria from snorting 250mgs of vistaril

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Q: Has anyone got euphoria snorting 250mgs vistaril?
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What is heroin target crowd?

Me! And anyone who likes opiate highs. Its a really intense rush of euphoria and pleasure that is amazing. So the target crowd is anyone who likes euphoria and having that opiate numb feeling.

When you go to the doctor for sinus will know you have been snorting?

Yes, and you should tell him. He is legally bound not to tell anyone else, so you can be honest without being worried. It may make a difference in treatment.

Can you snort Adderall 30mg?

Anyone considering snorting Effexor XR is putting themselves at risk of serious injury or death. Without a gradual tolerance to the drug, combined with the overwhelming absorption of the day-long extended release, a person snorting Effexor XR is at risk of seizure, hallucinations, severe apnia, congestive heart failure, stroke, renal failure, and death. Cases include patients experiencing seizure between 2 to 8 hours after event. It is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED that anyone snort EFFEXOR XR, or consume the medication without being under directed physician's supervision.

What is the purpose of snorting Lortabs or Xanax?

Anyone doing that will be abusing the drugs to get high. These drugs are crushed for "snorting" but their formulations and preparations are made for oral ingestion. Some drugs can be made intended for slow release in the stomach and intestines over time but if crushed they may cause too much released all at once or be totally ineffective. The powders in the preparations of the tablets can do serious harm to the mucus tissue in the nose. It probably is a waste as well as a hazard, too.

Has anyone else experienced pain in their left shoulder arm and lower neck the day after using snorting coke?

i am experiencing that right now, it went away then i had more coke then it came right back, its like my left shoulder muscle has tensed up so much its painful

Can you take Klonopin other than orally?

Well snorting it is a waste since it's not water soluble, Injecting the pill into your muscle is a bad idea because of binders, IVing the pill is possible except you have to dissolve the pill with high proof alcohol and then dilute the solution to where it is safe to inject. You can plug it to but I doubt anyone wants to stick a syringe up the pooper. The answer is to just pop them or hold them under your tongue.

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