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Viktor pavlovich nogin born14 february 1878 how did he die

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When did Viktor Nogin die?

Viktor Nogin died on 1924-05-22.

When was Viktor Nogin born?

Viktor Nogin was born on 1878-02-14.

What has the author Viktor Pavlovich Krivonogov written?

Viktor Pavlovich Krivonogov has written: 'Khakasy'

What has the author Viktor Pavlovich Protopopov written?

Viktor Pavlovich Protopopov has written: 'Psikhologiya refleksologiya i uchenie o povedenii'

What has the author Viktor Pavlovich Zagryadskii written?

Viktor Pavlovich Zagryadskii has written: 'Metody issleovaniya v fiziologii truda'

What has the author Viktor Pavlovich Palamodov written?

Viktor Pavlovich Palamodov has written: 'Linear differential operators with constant coefficients [by] V.P. Palamodov' -- subject(s): Differential equations, Partial, Differential operators, Partial Differential equations

What is the birth name of Viktor Babushkin?

Viktor Babushkin's birth name is Viktor Borisovich Babushkin.

When did Parteniy Pavlovich die?

Parteniy Pavlovich died in 1760.

When did Dmitry Pavlovich Grigorovich die?

Dmitry Pavlovich Grigorovich died in 1938.

When did Valeri Pavlovich Alekseyev die?

Valeri Pavlovich Alekseyev died in 1991.

When did Aleksandr Pavlovich Antonov die?

Aleksandr Pavlovich Antonov died in 1962.

When did Leonid Pavlovich Sabaneyev die?

Leonid Pavlovich Sabaneyev died in 1898.