Group of clothes

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Group of clothes
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What do you call a group of clothes?

There is no collective term for a group of clothes. You can refer to them as a group depending on how they are organized. For example, you can call them a "pile of clothes" or a "bunch of clothes."

What is a group of clothes?

The collective noun for a group of clothes is a "Wardrobe"

Group of clothes called?

A group of clothes is called a wardrobe. A wardrobe is defined as the entire collection of clothing an individual has.

Did Highwaymen steal clothes?

The group Highwaymen are not known to have stolen any clothes.

What would you call a group of clothes?

a wardrobe

What is a group of clothes called?

a duked of clothes baba blacksheep ave u any wool

What is a group clothes called?


What would the control group be if you where testing how well different laundry soaps cleaned your clothes?

The control group would be a group of clothes washed with water only, without any laundry soap. This allows you to compare the effectiveness of different laundry soaps in cleaning clothes against the baseline of no soap.

Who is the original Knights of labor?

Group of skilled workers who made clothes

If you were testing how well different laundry soaps cleaned your clothes the control group woild be?

The control group in a laundry soap experiment would be a batch of clothes washed without adding any laundry soap. This group serves as the baseline for comparison to assess the effectiveness of the different laundry soaps in removing stains and dirt from the clothes.

What is the difference between the dress?

group of dress is called is called clothes.

What is the word for special clothes worn by members of a certain group?