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The Cell Membrane is a structure that forms the outer boundary and allows certain materials move in and out of cell.

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Q: Give an example of an organ system in an animal and name the parts that make up the organ system?
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What is anexample of organ system and parts that form it?

Muscular, nervous, skeletal, digestive, and cardiovascular are all organ systems which are made of organs i.e. muscular system is made of all the organs known as muscels. Another example is the skeletal system. The parts that form it are called bones, and are an example of organs.

How is an organism an example of a system?

An ecosystem is a system of organisms.An organism is a system of organ systems. (e.g. circulatory, digestive, etc.)An organ system is a system of organs. (self-explanatory)An organ is a system of tissues.A tissue is a system of cells.A cell is a system of organelles.

Can an organ do the samething as an organ system?

An organ system is greater than the sum of its parts (organs). So an organ, by itself, can do nothing without the Organ System to which it belongs.

What are parts of a system?

an organ or somthing

Name two body parts?

Legs and hands are example of the two parts of the body.

What important organ is in the nervous system?

The brain is the most important organ of the nervous system. The spinal cord and the brain are the main parts of the nervous system but the spinal cord is not considered to be an organ.

What parts of the human heart do you think will happen if one of the organ system destroyed or damaged?

i think when one of the organ system destroyed or damaged the parts or organs will not work..and it will not take it responsibility..

How do organs compare to organ systems?

Organs are simply parts of organ systems. An organ system is just what its name suggest - a system of numerous organs, working together. One organ by itself is simply an organ, but when lumped together with a few others, working together to accomplish a similar general goal (for example, the stomach and intestines working together to digest food) they can then be called an organ system.

What are the parts of a organ system?

your heart, twinkie joint, and lungs are all apart of your skeletal system

What organ system helps carry oxygen to all parts of the body in a frog?

Respiratory System

Is your respiratory system an organ?

no, but the different parts of your respiratory system are such as your lungs being organs and part of your respiratory system.

What is the main organ and it's function in the circulatory system?

The main organ of the circulatory system is the heart.The heart pumps blood tothe other parts of the body.