Girlfriend in Japanese

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Girlfriend in Japanese
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How do you say ex girlfriend in Japanese?

How do you say ex girlfriend in japanese?.

What is the easy way to learnn Japanese?

get yourself a Japanese girlfriend

What is no kanojo wa Nihonjin dane?

your girlfriend is Japanese

Why are the people so polite in japan?

my girlfriend is Japanese :)

What is ''i love my girlfriend'' in Japanese?

'Kanojo ga daisuki deus.'

What is the Japanese word for girlfriend?

Kanojo. It also means 'she' or 'her'.kanojo

What is a good method of remembering Japanese?

i don't know about remebering Japanese, but the way i learnt (remembered) Japanese was to live with my Japanese girlfriend (commonly known as Pillow dictionary)

What is suki desu yo in Japanese?

"Is there someone you like?" (Ie. Japanese person is asking you if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend。)

How do you say I Want to Be What if your Girlfriend in Japanese?

anata no koibito ni nari tai

What is the Japanese suffix for girlfriend?

AnswerThe word for girlfriend in Japan is "Kanojo", this though is not a suffix, but you could use the suffix -chan to address to your girlfriend if you really adore her. It's really cute too.

Does Gaara of the dessert have a girlfriend?

Not yet. This varies, because Japanese manga is way ahead of translated manga. Hope this helps and that garra will have a girlfriend! - indigosakura

How do you say girlfriend in Japanese?

'kanojou' would be the exact, but when stating something like 'girlfriend-boyfriend', it would be simply 'kano-kare'. I hope I helped = )