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It's a body response to a pleasant and exciting feeling. It could be eather "love" symptoms or exremely great news you got :)

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Q: Funny feeling in your stomch not like it hurts but butterflies what could it be?
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Can the feeling butterflies be used in a negative way?

Yes it could be

Why does the funny bone tingle when you hit it?

Well your funny bone is in your elbow area and it has multiple nerve endings. The funny feeling could be pain, or a tickling feeling!

You have not got your period your stomch hurts and it feels bigger?

You could be pregnant.

What does 'Butterflies in the Stomach' mean?

Having "butterflies in your stomach" means to be overwhelmed by a nervous feeling. It comes from the uneasy feeling one gets in their stomach.It means you're nervous about something. Like you could be nervous about going on stage and doing a dance performance so you'd have butterflies in your stomach. It refers to the queasy or jittery feeling created in your stomach when you are under stress.

What is it like to have your first kiss?

TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!You get butterflies in your stomach and it feels like you fly! it is a wounderful feeling could when it is with a person that you deeply care about totally amazing

Why do i have sudden hot flashes and butterfly stomachs?

Sudden hot flashes and the feeling of butterflies in your stomach may be because you are nervous. You could also be sick, so you may need to see a doctor.

Why do I get butterflies when my boyfriend is about to kiss me?

I have thought the same. Every time I think about my boyfriend or when he is about to kiss me I always get a strange sensation of tingling which rushes through my stomach and back and makes me smile.For me, it is a pleasant feeling. A sort of rush of anticipation or adrenaline. And I would say that we/I get this feeling because we love him. He is our love at that moment. I have to say while I get the butterflies I also have a small feeling of pride or disbelief to know that that guy I am about to kiss is really mine.The other reason you could get butterflies is if you don't feel confident to be around him/kiss him or you are embarrassed or nervous. If you feel this way maybe you should take to him about it. See how he feels about you getting butterflies. Maybe then you can sort out that you need to take it slower or maybe stay as friends.I hope I helped =]

Do butterflies watch eastenders?

If they could, they would!

When im thinking about this girl or if im near her im always getting this funny feeling in my stomach and you always wish if you could be with her and im just wondering what it means thanks?

you like her!

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