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extends leg; straightens knee joint

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Extend the lower leg

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Q: Functions of triceps femoris muscle of frog?
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What is triceps femoris?

There is no muscle named triceps femoris. The triceps brachii is a muscle in the arm with three heads, while the femoris muscles are in the thigh. The hamstring group includes the biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus.

What is the biceps femoris on a frog?

Biceps femoris performs knee flexion.

Where does the frog have the most muscle?

The most muscle mass in a frog is in the hind legs.

What types of muscles are found in the frog?

The strongest muscle in a frog's body is its masseter or jaw muscle. It can use it to crush larger prey with ease.

Relate muscle structure with the movement of a frog?

Muscle structure is directly related to the movement of a frog. A frog's muscle structure is designed to allow the animal to move and jump in the ways it needs to..

Name of frog's calf muscle?


What frog's muscles are the largest and why?

The largest muscle in the frog is the gastrocnemius, which is like the calf muscle in the leg. It has to be large because of the way frogs locomote, i.e. the HOP.

Where does the frog have more muscle?

the frog has more in its legs because it hops around all day.

What are the three types of muscle tissue in a frog?

Feumirstic, Skeletal, Ligimentistical

What is the name of the tissue that attaches the muscle to the skin in a frog?


What is the gastrocnemius muscle of a frog?

There is one gastrocnemius muscle in each hind leg, between the knee and the foot. Its contraction provides propulsion, whether the frog is swimming or jumping.

What is the functions of a bodies of frog?

to be able to look as thou they are really big