Full form of isi mark

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Full form of ISI is Indian Standard Institute

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Indian standards institutes

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Q: Full form of isi mark
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What isi mark full form?

International Statistical Institute

Give the details of isi mark?

The full form of ISI is "Indian Standard Institution". In india, ISI marked products are trusted to be beneficial for the consumers. This mark stands for the authentication by the Government of India.

What is isi mark?

Full form of ISI is Indian Standards Institute. It is the former name of the Bureau of Indian Standards. This trademark is given by the government. The ISI mark is mandatory for cvertain products to be sold in India.

What is full isi mark?

Indian Standards Institue(ISI)

What is isi?


What is full name isi mark?

The full name of ISI mark is Indian Standards Institute mark. It is a certification mark provided by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to signify that a product conforms to the Indian Standards as specified by BIS.

What is the full form of isi?

Indian standard institution

What is the full form of ispat in steel industry?


What is the full form of isi cml no?

ISI CML NO means Certification of Manufacturing License.

What is full form of isi?

ISI in India stands forIndian Standard InstitutionISI in Pakistan stands forInter Services Intelligent

Whatis the full form of isi pakistan?

ISI meansInter-services intelligence. ISI is the Pakistan's Powerfull intelligence Agency responsible for the Country's internal and External security.

Can a ISI mark be given by making a sticker or is it compulsory to mold the mark?

I my opinion to mould ISI mark is compulsory bz stickers can be misused