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Good eye contact, facial expression, appearance, and body posture

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Q: Four things are needed for successful communication?
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What is data communications and what four items are needed to make it work?

Data Communication is the transmission of data (text, voice, etc) from one computer to another (or to a peripheral device). The four things needed are a sender, a receiver, a channel and a protocol.

What is the four neccersary things needed for marine animals?

Water, Food, Temperature and Oxygen

What are the four basic elements of most communicating systems?

1- Sender (encodes a:) 2- Message (that is sent through a:) 3- Channel (to a:) 4- Receiver This is called a "linear model" of communication. It is the smallest and simplest system needed as if you take out one of its four components, there can be no communication.

What are the four types of communication?

Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication,Written Communication and Visual communication

What four things are needed to have a balance of nature in the tundra?

rain, wind, air, sun and animals

Was Einstein successful in understanding the laws of the universe?

No, in the sense that there are still things to be understood. Einstein was successful in some ways, like the Universe is four dimensional, Special Relativity Theory .

Short notes on the four communication skill?

Short notes on four divisions of communication skills

What are the four main purposes of communication?

main purpose of communication

What four small molecules are needed by living things?

Life is comprised of four main types of biomolecules: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.

What are four basic things needed for photosynthesis to happen?

The four ingredients of photosynthesis are: it is catalysed by chlorophyll, powered by sunlight, and it consumes water and carbon dioxide.

What is the definition of the four basic communication skills?

Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening are the four basic communication skills.

What is necessary for a language learner to have in order to be successful?

There are four main things that any language learner need-Motivation, Good resources, Time, Discipline.