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Wait. But make sure she knows how you feel. Your feelings may change for her, so give it time.

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Q: Found the girl want to marry but not ready to settle down?
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Are 19 year old boys ready to settle down in one relationship?

Most boys are not ready to settle down, but everyones different and settles down at different ages.

Why did john colter finaly return to Missouri?

John Colter finally return to Missouri to settle down and marry.

Is 37 a good age for a man to settle down?

YES YES A good age for ANYBODY to settle down is whenever they feel ready.

What are the extra curricular activities for after completing or studying BE EEE?

better marry a rich girl and settle down... ;)

Are guys in their mid-twenties typically ready to settle down if theyve completed pretty much everything?

that is certainly the prime time for guys wanting, or imagining which avenue to settle down and share his life with.

Who is Lucille from Little Richard?

the only girl that he fell in love with that new of his homosexuality an excepted it in their relationship. Lucille was also bysexual. But still wanted to marry an settle down with Lil Richard. But he was not ready for that type of life, do to the fact he was tutti frutii.

Why would a newly-married women cheat on her husband?

Thats her M.O. She isn''t ready to settle down.

Why a man says i love you but not ready to settle down?

A man will say i love you all the time to a woman he really likes. I think the main reason is because they feel pressured in saying i love you, and if they don't they'll lose you. Just give your man time to figure out when the best time to settle down is...tell him you want to have a family or other things to let him know. If you really love him he will get that you want to settle down.

How do you know a guy is ready to marry you?

He gets down on one knee, proposes, and gives you an engagement ring.

Im 20 and im dating a 52 year old man what can you expect?

You can expect that your man is going to be a lot more ready to settle down than you are. You're 20 years old. You're going to want to travel, have fun and be free. He's ready for a family because he's running out of time. If you're ready to settle down at your age, then go for it

Will your niece ever decide to get married and settle down she is 29 and has a boyfriend she has dated for 14 years and they have no kids on and off?

You should not worry because they have no kids and they might just not be ready to settle down yet.If it is meant to be they will get married.

Why did Justin Bieber dump Selena?

Justin is not ready to settle down with just one girl.