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This is a type of connective tissue. It is classified as loose and dense irregular connective tissues.

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Q: Forms internal supporting framework of soft organs such as the spleen?
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What is the supporting framework called in soft organs like the spleen and liver?


How does a skeleton protect internal organs?

Well the rib cage surrounds and protects the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys and other internal organs from damage from external trauma. So the bones act as a shield for the organs.

Is heart and spleen visceral organs?

The term visceral means among or around or related to the organs. The term also means organs within the large internal cavities. These organs fit the second definition.

Organs that filter blood?

liver and kidneys

Left side internal organs in the side of stomach?

The spleen is located on the side of the stomach. It is in the upper left hand side of the abdominal cavity.

How does the spleen differ from all the other abdominal organs?

Unlike the rest of the abdominal organs which are derived from endoderm, the spleen is mesodermal in origin.

Spleen cancer causes?

Most splenic tumors don't begin in the spleen, and those that do are quite often lymphomas. Lymphoma is a kind of blood growth that creates in the lymphatic framework. It is more regular for a lymphoma to begin in another piece of the lymphatic framework and attack the spleen than it is for lymphoma to begin in the spleen itself.

What organs are found in the left hypochondrial region?

the spleen is in the left hypochondriac region

What are organs of circulatory system?


What are the organs of lymphatic system?

Tonsils, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, and lymph fluid. Lymphatic organs were boneless organs.

What special organs store leukocytes?

they are - thymus and spleen

What organs allow the immune system to function?