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There are lots of foods that contain meat and vegetables. One such food is soup and another is Shepherd's pie.

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Q: Food that contains meat and vegetables?
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What food group is Kebab in?

Shish kebab contains meat and vegetables on a stick. The meat is in the protein food group, and the vegetables are in the vegetables food group.

The food pyramid contains grains vegetables fruits milk and what else?

meat and Oils or fat

What did the people in the colonies eat?

they ate meat and vegetables. they ate food like meat and vegetables.

What type of food has no bones and no meat?


What is the body's main food?

Meat vegetables water

Where did you get food from?

From the sea, which is seafood . From the land , which are meat and vegetables.

What are the food prepared by pressure cooking?

meat and vegetables

Is raw food good for you?

Vegetables, yes, but not meat!

What food can you can?

Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Milk, and Grains

Can you feed your parakeet cat food?

No. Cat food has meat in it; parakeets need seeds and fruits and vegetables, not meat.

How does guinea pigs get food?

they look for food they do not eat meat they eat vegetables

What do chihahuas eat?

meat, grains, vegetables and dog food.