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Q: Flirty questions to ask a guy?
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What are good flirty questions to ask a guy?

I don't understand, how could someone as cute as you be single for so long! (:

What do you do when you like a guy but he wont ask you out and you don't want to ask him out?

Be flirty. That's what you do girly

How do you know when a guy will ask you out?

They will most likely be real flirty with you at this time.

How do you i get a guy to ask you out?

Just be yourself and a little flirty im sure you will find a guy in no time.

What are some flirty questions to ask a girl?

If I were a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seed?

What are flirty questions to ask while playing the question game?

The best flirts are the inside jokes! :)

What are flirty questions to ask a guy you like?

ask him if he likes anyone;) how much hes done with a person if hes looking for a relationship just make everything super happy because guys like happy girls

What are flirty things to say to a guy?

you dont need to be flirty if you like the guy just be yourself with him

How do you get a guy to ask you to be their girlfriend?

Be flirty but not obvious. Guys get turned off if they know a girl likes them sometimes

How do you tell if a flirty guy likes you?

You can prove this if he approaches you, strikes a conversation. Buys gifts or ask for a date.

What are some flirty questions to ask a guy?

If you woke up naked beside me and could only say three words, what would you say? If that doesn't work out, be cute and funny, but most importantly, yourself!

How do you ask a guy out with out being weird?

i hang out with them first than i find out if they like me if they do i ask them out. do it in person if possible :] . A: well im a guy so really be flirty but i would go to the girl to ask her out but be confident

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