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Most probably you are having a "Urinal Tract Infection" or UTI which is still in early stage.

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Q: Few bacteria in urine means what?
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In a urine sample what does mixed growth mean?

If a urine sample has mixed growth then it means that there are more than one type of bacteria growing in it.

Is amorphous urate normal in urine?

Amorphous urates are normal in urine. There are several types of amorphous crystals, each composed of different elements and forming in specific urine conditions. Amorphous crystals are misidentified as bacteria.

What test requires a clean catch midstream specimen?

Any test for bacteria in the urine, such as a test for a urinary tract infection, will require a "clean-catch," which means you will have to clean the genital area first and catch the urine mid-stream.

What do the sensitivity numbers mean on a urine culture and sensitivity test?

sensitivity numbers means how the antibioic reacts in a certain bacteria

What bacteria is usually found in urine?

Urine actually has little bacteria to begin with. A lot of the filtrate are salts, water and food pigments that pass through the blood stream. If the person is sick, there could be some of the bacteria that caused the illness in urine. Urine accumulates bacteria very fast. Urine is more or less sterile as it leaves the body. The most common pathogen in the urine is E. coli.

What is urine culture and sensitivity?

Urine culture is when a doctor orders a urine specimen to be evaluated in a lab to determine exactly what kind of bacteria are living in it and causing problems. "Culture" means to grow, and they literally grow the bacteria so that they can test different antibiotics on it. Some antibiotics may kill the bacteria, and some antibiotics have no effect on the bacteria. This is the "sensitivity" part. If a bacteria is sensitive to an antibiotic, it would be a good choice for treatment of the infection. If it is not sensitive, the it is resistant to the antibiotic and it won't produce a cure.

Can you drink women urine?

no itis not ok to drink womens urine it has bacteria and is different from mens urine

Is it normal for urine to have plus plus bacteria?

No. Normal urine should be sterile.

What does LG mean on a urinalysis blood result?

LG means a large amount. Some substances measured in the urine include blood, white blood cells (WBC fight bacteria), or bacteria.

What is the prefix of oliguria in medical terminology?

The prefix of oliguria in medical terminology is "oligo-", which means few or deficient.

What does bacterluria mean?

The presence of bacteria in the urine.

The presence of bacteria in urine is known as?