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great uncle

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Q: Fathers uncles relationship to his son?
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What is your relationship to your uncles son?

His great uncle

What is the relationship between a fathers son and the fathers daughters son?

The father's son is the uncle of the son of the father's daughter.

What relationship is your fathers cousins sons daughter to your son?


Can you have intimate relationship with my fathers brothers son?

No because that would be your cousin

What is your fathers uncles dad to your father?

Your bro

What is your uncles son to you?

Your uncle's son is your first cousin.

Can you have a intimate relationship with your fathers brothers son?

i suppose so. if your a redneck...cousins are free game

What does it mean to be the third son of the third son of the third son?

It means you have (or had) at least two uncles and at least two great-uncles, and that is all it means.

A friend of mine said Brother and sister you have none but this man son is your fathers son?

The usual way this puzzle is stated is... A man is showing a photograph of a man to a friend of his. He says Uncles and brothers have I none, But this man's father is my father's son. Who is the person in the picture? The picture is of his son.

What is your father's sister's son's son relationship to you?

Your brother's daughter's daughter is your great niece.

The siblings of my father have what relationship to me?

They are your Uncles and or Aunts.

What will be my uncles'son of mine?

your uncles son is your cousin