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In this these times...the face of a person is often all we know. Online networking sites, being familiar with people only through a static, still photograph, passing people on the train or a busy's only the face we know.

It's important to separate our life into those things that hold truth...those things we know from first-hand knowledge...from those things that are untested. It's important to hear a voice, learn of a person's attitude and level of tolerance, see their eyes when the conversation is of value. It's important to feel the touch of their hands and listen to the softness or harshness of their words.

We say "the heart" but what we really mean is, the essence of the person. There is no way to tell the essence of a person through their face but if we allow ourselves the time and the effort to discover reactions and emotional health and ability to listen and what makes them laugh...then we will see their hearts. Our world should consist of this as well as being intrigued by the face; it's the combination of these two that will help us stay balanced in these changing times.

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Q: Faces you see hearts you dont know?
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