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There are many different reasons that children and adults remain silent about the "secret" of abuse, including:

- scared that the abuser will hurt or fatally injure them

- fear that the abuser will hurt or fatally injure a love one

- embarrassment

- the abuser convinced the victim that "no one will believe you"

- the abuser convinced the victim that "you wanted it as much as I did"

- the abuser uses bribes or any form of "currency" that the child needs or wants including attention, money, gifts, or special treats

- the victim starts to believe he/she did "want it" simply because he/she wanted the items the abuser promised

- just want to pretend it never happened

- don't know it's abuse

- the lack of words to define or describe what happed

- the abuse occurred at night so that the incidents become clouded "as if a dream"

- the victim dissociates so there is a wall between "now" and what occurred "before now", even during the abuse

- the victim suffers from Stockholm's syndrom (start to have feeling for the abuser and will sympathised with the abuser)

Parents who do nothing after being told by a child about abuse often do not tell anyone because:

- the parent is the abuser in many cases


- the parent/s do not understand the danger of abuse, even if they have another child in the home

- the abuser is the mother's boyfriend so the mother chooses her boyfriend over the child

- the abuser is the mother's boyfriend and the mother cannot get away from him

- the abuser is the father who also commits domestic violence--the mother feels she cannot safely leave and take her children with her

- the abuser is the spouse or boyfriend who has threatened the mother as well as the kids and the victim

- the parent fears involvement of child welfare

- the parent was also an abused child so he or she thinks "I got through it, so can you"

- the parent feels powerless

- the parent is in denial

- the parent has a mental illness and is ineffective at protecting a child

- the abuser is the parent's workplace boss and the parent needs the job so therefore chooses not to tell the authorities


Both parents or the mother and a live-in boyfriend commit the abuse together against the child.

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Q: Explain why both adults and children keep child abuse a secret?
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Anxiety in children may be caused by suffering from abuse, as well as by the factors that cause anxiety in adults.

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Yes, verbally abusing children (and adults, incidentally) can result in emotional and behavioral problems.

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Some natural parents, step parents, and other adults entrusted with caring for children abuse children in various ways. Emotional abuse is the most common, followed by physical abuse, followed by sexual abuse. Step parents appear more likely to abuse children, for various reasons. However, this doesn't mean all step parents are likely to abuse children, any more than all parents, or all adults in general are likely to abuse children. Any form of abuse is disgraceful and should not be tolerated. Regardless of who the abuser is, steps should be taken immediately the abuse becomes apparent to protect the child in question from further harm. We all need to realize there is no excuse for abuse against anyone at all, and that it's not just okay, but essential, to tell someone if we, or someone we know, is being ill-treated. If the first person we tell doesn't help, that is their problem. Just keep trying until someone listens properly and takes action.

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How can child abuse be recognised?

Chilld abuse can't always be recognized, but in general, it is the parents or guardians who are primarily responsible for the condition of children, so if children can be seen to be in bad condition, physically and/or mentally, there is a good chance that they are being abused. Sometimes children will specifically complain of abuse, which is the clearest indication. But children (like adults) don't always tell the truth, so beware of leaping to conclusions. Some children who didn't get the toy they wanted for Christmas consider themselves to be abused.

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