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The process of examination of physical evidence starts by understanding where it was found and why it was found there. Then you must assess what lead to it's being found in that location and if there was a possible motive.

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Q: Explain the process of examination of physical evidence?
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Eplain the process of the examination of physical evidence and the significance of physical evidence?

The examination of physical evidence involves collecting, preserving, analyzing, and interpreting evidence found at a crime scene. This process helps forensic scientists and investigators reconstruct events, identify suspects, and establish connections between individuals and crime scenes. Physical evidence is significant as it provides objective information that can support or refute witness statements, ultimately helping to piece together the truth of what happened.

What risks exist for the patient in undergoing a physical examination?

There are virtually no risks associated with a physical examination. Complications with the process of a physical examination are unusual. Occasionally, a useful piece of information or data may be overlooked. More commonly.

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In Physical examination, medical practitioners use the process of IAPP or Inspection, Auscultation with the use of stethoscope, Percussion and Palpation both deep and superficial.

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Which is more important direct examination or cross examination and why?

Both direct examination and cross examination are important parts of the legal process. Direct examination allows the attorney to present their own witness testimony and evidence to support their case, while cross examination gives the opposing attorney the opportunity to challenge the witness's credibility and poke holes in their testimony. Both play a crucial role in presenting a full and fair view of the facts to the judge or jury.

Can they drug test during a physical examination?

Well that all depends what the company police is. Im appling for Police, drug testing is part of the recruitment process

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Carbon dating is the process of evaluating events that happened in the past where there is physical evidence that remains.

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