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A mental illness such as anorexia.

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Q: Excessive exercising can be a sign of what?
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What Excessive exercising can be sign of?

A mental illness such as anorexia.

What is the eating disorder called that is characterized by voluntary starvation and excessive exercising because of an intense fear of gaining weight?

Anorexia nervosa is the name of the disorder that is characterized by voluntary starvation and excessive exercising .

Is excessive peeing sign of A.D.D?


What activities can cause cardiovascular disease?

excessive smoking, alcoholism, not exercising, intake of fatty foods and caffeine

Which disorder is characterized by a false perception of body appearance voluntary stravation and excessive exercising?

anorexia nervosa

What is excessive thirst?

If you have excessive thirst it means that you are more thirsty than usual. This could be a sign of diabetes or dehydration.

What is The eating disorder characterized by voluntary starvation and excessive exercising because of an intense fear of gaining weight is?

Anorexia Nervosa

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Is excessive secretion of saliva can be a sign of pregnancy?

If its not normal then one should go for a pregnancy test, spitting is a sign but its not a sign seen in all women

Does exercising make your hair grow faster?

Exercising increases blood flow, rids excessive toxins out of the body, and allows many vitamins in your body to function more efficiently. Therefore, exercise is necessary for the health of your hair, allowing it to grow faster.

Which characteristic is a sign of wellness?

Wellness is the physical and spiritual health of a person. Wellness can be achieved with regular exercising and healthy eating.

Is a inflammed cervix itch and excessive amount of discharge a sign of an std?

Yes, cervicitis, itching, and excessive discharge may be a sign of an STD. Other causes are also possible. A woman with those symptoms should see a health care provider for testing as soon as possible.

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