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time allocation

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Q: Examining the daily activities of a people is called?
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What is the energy called that you use in daily activities?


Where can one find a list of activities for daily living?

Daily living activities have been shown to be beneficial to patients with Alzheimer's. There is a website called Best-Alzheimers-Products that shows a helpful list of daily activities.

Why working capital is called backbone of a company?

working capital is required to fulfil daily cash requirements and performing daily business activities if firm don't have it, it will be difficult for them to perform daily routine business activities.

The ability to do daily activities without becoming tired is called physical?


What are the responsibilities and daily activities for a morgue assistant?

THey do stuff for people sometimes

What do the tuareg people do daily?

see website: for information on the Tuareg, their daily activities, and struggle to survive as nomadic herders in this modern world.

Examples of oxidation and reduction of people's daily activities?

2 Mg + O2 gives 2MgO

How do ppl who cannot move some parts of their body do their daily activities?

They do their daily activities with mechanical hands they have.

What are the daily activities?

blaze it

What are some daily activities for a black bear?

Some daily activities for the black bear are hunting its prey to feed its young.

What are ALL the daily activities on webkinz?

If you go to: They have a list of the daily activities for about a week in advance. :D

What were the caribs daily activities?