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if he's your ex then why do you care if he's still talking

to his ex ? get real .

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Q: Ex-boyfriend doesn't want to stop talking to his ex?
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What does it mean when a boy says he doesnt want to stop talking to you?

He might like you... :)

Why do guys text if they want stop talking as friends?

Its easier, less awkward, doesnt cause fights right there and then, ...

What if your exboyfriend told you to stop calling him?

that mean he still like you an just don't want you to knowANSWER;The picture is clear, stop calling him that is why he become your ex. No feelings there for him anymore so try to move on.

Why does he erase his text messages?

he is probably talking to people he doesnt want you to know about

Im with this guy and he really dont talk to you anymore?

ive been in this situation before. Sorry to say it but he is either cheating on you are doesnt want to be with you. Many guys instead of breaking up with a girl they will stop talking to them in hopes that the girl will break up with them or until you just eventually stop talking

Why cant you stop talking for one hour?

You want to be understood, or you just like talking.

What does it mean when a guy tells you he likes you but he tells you he doesnt want a girl friend when you start talking but after you stop talking he has a girlfriend?

Im sorry to say but it means while he was with you he just wanted a "friend with benefits". And did not consider you g/f material. Not trying to be mean..

What does it mean when she says stop playing with her heart?

she doesnt want to get her heart broken

What stop water on the knee?

it doesnt really help the local eco sytems but if you do want to water your knee plant some seeds first. if i have no idea what you are talking about sell your knee and buy a new one.

Why doesnt Bruno tell his parents about shmuel?

Bruno doesnt tell his parents about shmuel because they might not want them to be friends , and they might stop him from going out at all.

A guy likes me but doesnt want to why?

hes scared of wat others think. try talking to him

How do I get back my exboyfriend if he is in another girl's arms?

Tell him you want him back and if he doesn't want you after that then find someone else.