Estos examenes son peores

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Estos examenes son peores
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Estos exámenes son peores?

These exams are worse

What does estos son mis mean in English?

"Estos son mis" translates to "these are my" in English.

How do you say these pencils are Miguel's in spanish?

Like this:Estos lápices son de MiguelDe Miguel son estos lápices Son éstos los lápices de MiguelSon estos lápices de MiguelDe Miguel estos lápices sonSon de Miguel estos lápices

What is the word for these in Spanish?

You would use the word "estos". "¿Son estos tus zapatos?" "Are these your shoes?"

What actors and actresses appeared in Estos vales son chingones - 2000?

The cast of Estos vales son chingones - 2000 includes: Julio Rasec

What is the Spanish 'Qué son estos' in English?

What are these is an English equivalent of '¿Qué son estos'. The interrogative 'qué' means 'what'. The verb 'son' means '[they] are'. The masculine demonstrative 'estos' means 'these'. All together, they're pronounced 'keh-soh-NEH-stohs'.

What does Qué son estos mean in English?

It means: What are these?

De quien son estos calcetienes?

From who are these socks, or "Who's socks are these?"

How do you say whose pencils are these in spanish?

De quien son estos lapices?

How do you say what are these places famous for in spanish?

¿Por qué son famosos estos lugares?

What does estos juegos son muy buenos mean?

It means, "These games are very good"

How do you say They are the boy's books in Spanish?

"Estos son los libros de los niños."