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Q: Eggs are better for body-building than bread?
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Is cheesy bread better than pizza?

Yes cheesy bread is better than pizza

What bread is better than whole wheat bread?

Spinach wheat bread

Why raw eggs are better than cooked eggs?

I wouldent say they are better than cooked, but I heard raw eggs are good 4 ur hair

Why do boiled eggs bounce better than raw eggs?

boiled eggs bounce better than raw eggs because the raw egg has a thinner membrane than that of a boiled egg making it easier to break

Is a banana better than eggs?


Are organic eggs better than normal eggs for the environment How so?

All eggs taste the same

Is YouTube better than sliced bread?

it depends have a poll

Does pita bread have better nutrition than tortilla?


What grows mold faster dry bread or moist bread?

Moist bread grows mold faster.much better than dry

How do you remove eggs from cars?

Eggs are better kept in the refrigerator, rather than a car.

Why is yeast used for making bread doe?

It is used to make the bread inflate, therefore, it will taste better than a flat piece of bread =)

Doesyeast in bread affect after eating bread?

it helps because get a life nerd there way better thing you can do than talk about bake bread