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Yes, they do. African Americans should not use this at all and the company should disclose this on their package. I hate that I ever used it. It made my very small problem huge and much worse! I want it removed off the market.

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Q: Dr sholl's corn remover darkened toes?
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Csn you use nail polish remover on babies toes?

Yes, though it is not recommended.

Does Vicks vapor rub help get rid of corns between toes?

Can you put vicks on a corn

What is a hard corn?

A hard corn is a compact lump with a thick core. Hard corns usually form on the tops of the toes, on the outside of the little toe, or on the sole of the foot.

When people say corn what do they mean?

I'm not sure exactly what your question entails (eat corn or you have corn): Corn: 1. Has a large grains, or kernels, set in a row on a cob. 2. Is a small and painful area of a thickened skin on the foot, especially on the toes that is caused by pressure.

What is the icd-9 code for soft corn deformities 3rd 4th and 5th toes right?

ICD-9 code 700 works for hard and soft corns. The same code can be used no matter which toes are affected.

What is a toe corn?

Foot corns are irritating bumps that can appear on the sides of your toes. Usually at the foot sole and in between toes. These are the result of friction. Foot corns are your body's response to the pressure and irritation your shoes cause as they rub against your feet.

What is the difference between a Corn and a Callus?

A Corn IS a Callus, but it's a specific type of Callus.Corns more often appear on the toes and fingers. It's recognized by its elliptical shape, caused by a specific pattern of rubbing the thin skin. The name comes from the appearance of it under a microscope, specifically at the center of the corn itself.

What are the most attractive toes?

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What did they eat in ancient Mesopotamia?

Some that I remember is main(corn) and wheat. Hope it helped if it didn't sorry!!from:Porter Clay

How many toes does a budgie have?

They have 4 toes and it is ok if his or her toes are crusty

What does ta in the song toes mean?

It means that tatatatata toes as in "the toes"

Is the corn on the toe supposed to be white while using a corn remover?

Yes it should be white. It will be white for a few days. If you are using the little circular removers, when you peel it off after a couple of days, the white, dead skin will come off also. I was worried just like you. Trust me. It works though. Your toe will then turn pink and within a week will return to your skin color. I've also tried the liquid acid. The same process will take place. You will see the white skin start to come off or peel or its own. At that point you can simply lift it and pull it off.