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yes it means they are lesbians wow your stupid

its doesn't matter as long as they match up or if they wearing there be cute but for me people says i look so stupid for just wearing because your just jealous laugh out loud

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Q: Dose it mean anything when some lesbians are wearing neckties when their out clubbing?
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Do lesbians wear anything to show they are lesbians?

Yes. Lesbians wear t-shirts that say "I'm A Lesbian" to show that they are lesbians. All the time. If a woman is not wearing this shirt, she's not a lesbian.

What is the Clubbing Age in Canada?

Most agree that clubbing is permitted after 18 until the age of 27. Although it is not illegal to club after 27 most older adults prefer less dangerous sport. I would recommend wearing a helmet as excessive clubbing can result in severe brain damage. It is also considered inconsiderate to club to the face.

In personal affairs why is the lesbian wearing that white curly wig?

because lesbians have a special chromosome in their bodies that attracts them to massively giant wigs.

What purpose does a tie serve?

A tie is simply for adornment, there is no functional reason for wearing a tie. Men wear ties for formal occasions, work, and also for uniforms. The most common ties are neckties and bow ties.

How come lesbians wear a ring on the middle finger?

Wearing a ring on the middle finger is not exclusive to lesbians and can have various meanings, depending on the individual. It may simply be a style choice or a way to express personal preferences. Like any accessory, the meaning behind wearing a ring on a specific finger can vary from person to person.

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anything. doy

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There is no "phobia name" for touching the neck, unless someone made one up. If you have anxiety about touching your neck or having it touched, it likely relates to previous trauma. We suggest that you speak with a mental health professional.

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She is wearing fishnet shorts. source. Naruto.wikia(narutopedia)

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You call a big furry animal who is not wearing any clothes naked. This is what you call anything not wearing clothes.

What would happen if you didn't have habiliments?

You would no be wearing anything

Why are some women look like men?

Lesbians don't necessarily look like men. Some lesbians adopt the dress, style, and mannerisms of men (for stylistic reasons, or as a form of social commentary), but that is hardly typical of lesbians as a whole. Remember, in the 19th century (and still, currently, in many parts of the world) a woman was considered a sexual deviant merely for wearing pants; appearance can often be a political statement as much as a personal choice.