Does zoro like robin

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i' m convinced that zoro definitely is in love with robin because he 's always shy when she is near him!!and i' m sure that robin loves him back!!but maybe there will be something more obvious between them almost in the end of the anime ...:(

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sure!!she always smiles to him, she makes compliments to him and she also gave him her jacket because she was afraid that he might get a cold!!i believe (and hope) that they will get together in the end!!

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Q: Does zoro like robin
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Why robin cares so much about zoro?

think about it! love.

Will zoro and robin go out?

They probably will but not until One Piece has ended.

When does zoro get his 2nd bounty?

After he saves robin from the world government and defeats CP9

Who is stronger robin or zoro?

Robin has more gadgets and he learned jujitsu from Batman eventually taking his place, so I'll go with him.

Does robin like franky or zoro?

as a friend yes, but as a girlfriend no. he dosent value women like that. if she attacked him and they werent friends. he would attempt to beat her up. that goes foe any other female foe

Do Zoro and Nami look good together?

im mostly seen w/robin-san

Why is Zoro often shy around Nico Robin?

He doesn't fully trust her, due to her history as one of their past opponents.

Who would win zoro vs sanji?

Zoro would win: // his bounty is higher then sanji // zoro uses swords and sanji only uses legs //zoro is more stronger then sanji Zoro is the same as luffy, luffy got bigger bounty because he want to fight the strongerz person like lucci

When zoro will be with robin?

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has specifically said that there will be no romance in One Piece and so there will be no couples. Therefore, Zoro and Robin will never "get together". If you've noticed, no crew member actually expresses any romantic feelings towards each other, except for Sanji, who acts on lust alone and will do so for any pretty face regardless of personality.

Name everyone in luffy's crew?

As of the latest manga, Roronoa Zoro - Swordsman, Usopp - Sniper, Sanji - Chef, Nami - Navigator, Tony Tony Chopper - Doctor, Frankie - Shipwright, Nico Robin - Archaeologist, Brook - Musician.

Does zoro have a girlfriend?

None of the crew are in a strong relationship because Oda thought that romance would slow down the series. He quoted "They're in love with adventure" so they want to get it going with the excitement and upbringing. If there were to be romance until the end of the show, Zoro would possibly go with either Robin or Talingui(?) Altough there have been many fanarts of ZoroxNami, Zoro just sees Nami as a friend.

When was Zoro - band - created?

Zoro - band - was created in 2007.