Does zane like alexis

Updated: 4/28/2022
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From Yu-Gi-Oh? Uh, I don't remember them having a romantic relationship in the show. I don't think so..

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Q: Does zane like alexis
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Who does alexis love in cartoon Yu-Gi-Oh gx?


Does zane love alexis?

In the anime they never really build-up their tentative relationship, however in the manga it's a diffrent story. Alexis cares for Zane even when he turns evil, and both Zane and Alexis are the top ranked students at Duel-Academy. Here's a Link with more Information and SPOILERS: ^_^ *Your Welcome*

Are alexis Rhodes and zane truesdale together?

well, no but they do like each other. If you watch some eps. you see that they hang out by the light house and talk about things they don't tell others!

Does jaden like zane?

NO,Jaden Smith does not like zane he like's janiya,and toriana

In H2O did ricky like kissing zane?

ricky did like kissing zane. she said she liked him. zane had to stop the mermaid business.

Does Jesse Anderson love Alexis Rhodes?

Jesse Anderon Does not love Alexis he barely pays attention to the girls at duel academy. Besides Aleixis likes Jaden (Im pretty sure about that ^_^) -Also Jesse likes Jaden more than Alexis -And Alexis has stronger feelings towards Zane

Does the yu-gi-oh show have love in it?

Of course it does! In the original yu gi oh there are yami/yugi and tea mai and joey Tristan+duke and serenity fangirls and duke yu gi oh gx chazz fancies alexis Cyrus fancies alexis Blair fancies jaden Blair fancies chazz Blair fancies zane alexis fancies jaden zane fancies alexis (man who doesn't?) yu gi oh 5d's akiza and yusei trudge and mina jack and Carly

Who are the seven keys in Yu-Gi-Oh gx?

The seven holders of the gate keys were Jaden, Chazz, Zane, Bastion, Alexis, Crowler, and prof. Banner.

How can Florence Alexis which is the daughter of Jacques Stephen Alexis be contacted or reached?

I like to contact her .

Does alexis like you?

I hope so

Who does alexis banlaki like?

no one

What name is better alexis or sierra?

Sierra is pretty but I like Alexis better. Hope this helps!