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No, your ears do. dont listen to that man. your cerebellum is responsible for balance and coordination.

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Q: Does your brainstem control your balance?
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Does the brainstem control your sense of balance?


Does the brainstem control heart rhythm and breathing?


What is the name of the breathing control center?

the brainstem.

What is significant about the brainstem?

The brainstem controls several body functions. Heart rate, Blood pressure, alertness and arousal are all controlled by the brainstem. In infants, there are studies that prove that the brain stem is partly in control of auditory functions.

How does the nervous system control breathing?

It does this autonomically (and automatically!) via the brainstem cells and receptors.

What part of the brainstem has nerve centers that control many vital processes?

medulla oblongata

Why does the brainstem do for the body?

It connects the body with the brain and it takes care of reflexes and the control of heart rate.

What is the heart's control center called?

Medulla oblongata, the lower part of the brainstem.

How are the cerebrum the cerebellum and brainstem alike?

all of them are parts of your brain also they all control something important

What bone contains all the balance organs?

The balance organs are nonexistent. Balance is produced by a complicated interplay of different areas of the brain, including the cerebellum (subconscious proprioception and fine motor control), cerebrum (conscious proprioception) and the vestibular system, which is housed in the inner ear within the temporal bone, whose neural input feeds into the brainstem via cranial nerve VIII (the Vestibulocochlear or Auditory nerve).

What is opening balance control account?

we should entry the opening balance to account for total balance ,That adjustment is opening balance control

Does the lungs control your breathing or your brain control your breathing?

The Brain. To Be Precise, The Medulla Oblongata (The Lower Half of The Brainstem). The Lungs Are Just The Organs That Initiate The Process.