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Q: Does white zinfandel contain resveratrol like red wine does and if so how much compared to red wine?
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Is there caffeine in beringer's white zinfandel?

Wines do not have caffeine in them. They are made from grapes.

How many calories in half glass white zinfandel?

It would contain about 55-60 calories.

What is the sugar content in white zinfandel?

How much sugar is in White Zinfandel as opposed to coke?

What grapes are use in zinfandel wine?

By law, a wine labeled as Zinfandel must contain a minimum of 75% Zinfandel.

What white wine goes with ribs?

a white zinfandel

Which varieties of red wine contain the highest levels of resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a red pigment found in the skins of red and purple grapes, but not green grapes. Red wines have resveratrol, rose wines have some, but not much, and white wines have no resveratrol. The deeper the red, the more resveratrol the wine has. Syrrahs, Merlots, and Zinfandels have high resveratrol levels.

How many carbohydrates in Beringer's White Zinfandel per Glass?

If the assumption is on average 150 mL of white wine (or zinfandel) and we use Berringer's white zinfandel of 550 calories in 750 mL, then the average number of calories is 110 per glass of white zinfandel.

Is Zinfandel wine red or white?

Zinfandel can be red or pink and they are completely different wines.

What is the shelf life of white zinfandel?

3 to 5 years.

Should you chill red zinfadel wine before serving?

White Zinfandel should be served chilled but, a red Zinfandel is not served chilled.

How much white zinfandel is too much?

Enough that the ceiling starts to spin.

What has more sugar white zinfandel wine or Pepsi-cola?

pepsi cola