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Yes. A slice of white bread contains about 0.6 grams of fiber.

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Q: Does white bread contain fiber
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Related questions

Does brown bread contain fiber?

I suppose you mean wholemeal bread. They do contain fibre and in fact more fibre than the usual "white" bread.

Does bread have fiber in it?

Breads made from whole grains contain dietary fiber. Breads made from refined (white) flours have negligible fiber.

Does White bread has the same amount of fiber as whole wheat bread?

no wheat has more fiber

Does wheat bread contain fiber?

Wheat bread contains fiber if it is made with whole wheat flour or has other whole grains or fiber added.

Which bread does not contain wheat?

white bread

Does white bread contain lipids?

yes most bread does contain lipid :)

Why does white bread have more fiber than wholemeal bread?

White bread normally doesn't have more fiber, unless artificial fiber is added before the bread is baked. Whole wheat bread is more nutritious because the flour isn't bleached and all of the wheat germ is still left in. If the brand of white bread says it has more fiber, they are using fiber from an artificial source. In the 1980's, a brand of "high-fiber" bread actually used saw-dust to add fiber to their product They were forced to take their product off of the market.

How is brown bread healthier than white?

brown bread has more fiber.

Do white bread soften stool?

No. White bread is low in whole grains and fiber compared to wheat bread, and does not help digestion.

Does white bread contain pork gelatin?


Fiber contain food?

The type of food that contains fiber is the wholegrain variety, such as wholemeal or wholegrain bread, brown rice, brown pasta and wholegrain cereals. Fruit and vegetables also contain fiber.

Foods that contain fiber?

brown bread, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, cereal.

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