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It depends on how tight, and usually it doesn't cause infertility.

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Q: Does wearing tight pants or underwear causes male infertility?
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What is the name for wearing pants with no underwear?

Going commando.

Why is wearing your pants low disrespectful?

It is disrespectful because it shows your underwear

How often do you see people wearing underwear on the outside of their pants in the grocery store?


Why do girles where thongs?

If they are wearing thin, tight pants or dresses they don't want their underwear line to show. If you wear normal underwear the lining of the underwear shows and you can see the outline of them.

Not wearing underwear for men is harmful?

Only if they get their penis, scrotum, or pubic hair caught in their pants zipper.

What kind of clothes does she wear?

first of all how is she if she is a girl she should be wearing underwear,Bra,shirt,and pants/skirt or a dress!

You had your underwear pants and one hankerchief below it and you ejaculated and your girlfriend also had her jeans and underwear are there any chances of pregnancy your underwear and pants got wet?

No. The sperm needs to be in contact with her vagina, unless she was wearing your underwear she is not pregnant.

What can increase a mans risk of infertility?

A man can increase his risks of infertility by wearing very tight pants, prolonged periods of marijuana use, and having medical problems such as hernias or testicular cancer.

When did trend of wearing pants low begin?

The low pants showing off underwear fashion originated in prisons. If a prisoner was wearing his pants low, that meant he was "available" for... homosexual activities. Some gangsters must have thought it looked cool to look like a prisoner, and it caught on.

What episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse does Goofy's pants fall off and he is wearing pineapple printed underwear?

The Donald's hiccups episode.

What are the benefits of seamless underwear?

Seamless underwear is a great choice if you are often wearing form-fitting clothing such as cocktail dresses, leotards, or stretch pants! Seamless varieties of underwear do not show as much under tighter fitting clothes RA

If you have to pee but your wearing pants you cant get off what do you do?

If you are a male, and if they are pants, they should have a zipper, and your underwear may have a hole type of thing the them. If this is the case, just unzip your pants and ya. Now, if your a female then your going to have to get your pants off, but it doesn't matter because you have stalls anyways.