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Q: Does vinegar interact with coumadin
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Does cantaloupe interact with coumadin?


Does cherry juice interact with coumadin?


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does metaxalone interact with coumadin

Does Benadryl affect coumadin levels?

Coumadin (warfarin) can interact with many other medications. If taking both together, you should see your doctor and ask them directly for advice.You can take benadryl while taking coumadin.

Can you mix cuomodin and Ibuprofen?

No, ibuprofen is on the list of drugs that may interact with Coumadin.

Does balsamico vinegar interact with warfarin?

Warfarin and balsamic vinegar

Can you take Lorazepam with Coumadin?

( www dot coumadin dot com/pdf/Interactions_With_COUMADIN.pdf ) For a full list of interactions see the document above on the Coumadin website According to this document on the Coumadin website Xanax has the potential to increase the effects of Coumadin and your INR under the heading of: Examples of CYP450* Interactions with COUMADIN -Anthony

Is coumadin a carcinogen?

Coumadin is not a carcinogen.

Can you crush coumadin?

Coumadin can be crushed.

Can coumadin be crushed?

Coumadin can be crushed.

Can you take benzonatate with coumadin?

You can take benzonatate and coumadin together.

Can you take coumadin and robitussin dm?

You can take over the counter Robitussin safely. The DM syrup does not have anything like aspirin or an NSAID drug in it. Coumadin will not interact with the DM Robitussin. When taking coumadin, what you want to watch out for over the counter are NSAIDS - Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. These drugs can cause blood thinning also. Check the ingredients list before you take over the counter drugs with Coumadin.