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Q: Does tramadol cause your legs and feet to cramp?
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Can guinea pigs legs cramp?

Not really.

What happens if your cramp is so bad that its in the top of your legs and you cant even move let alone get your feet onto a floor is there anything that can be done to ease it a little?

nothing really, unless it has an outside cause from like a disorder or disease. eating a banana, drinking a glass of water, stretching, and massaging the cramp are all supposed to help.

Why does Tylenol cause your legs to cramp?

Look on the package to see what it says and also ask a pharmacist. Usually cramping of muscles is due to a problem with electrolyte imbalances.

Cramp like pains in calves of legs caused by poor circulation?


Can ibuprofen cause swelling in legs and feet?

yes, because ibuprofen retains water.

What would cause back to feel strange and heavy when sitting down and legs and neck stiff when standing?

it can be because of not getting up and moving for a long time so Its Kinda like a cramp

What would cause a cold tingly feeling in the feet and legs?

I have the same problem my doc. told me it,s in the lumbar section of youre back in which i have spurs there it can also cause cold or hurting ,weak feeling

Can herceptin cause chronic pain in the feet and legs?

Most definitely! My leg pain is to die for...

What is it when you wake up and your hands and feet itch?

what could cause my hands and feet and arms and bottom of my legs to itch at night and morning?

Why does morphine cause legs and feet to swell?

Yes, morphine can cause fluid retention resulting in swollen, feet, ankles, legs, etc. - this can also make your joints sore and stiff. It can also cause swelling in your mouth, tongue, lips, etc. - this can make swallowing difficult.

Can your legs and feet swell from chlamydia?

No; chlamydia will notcause your legs and feet to swell.

How many feet legs does a tarantula have?

feet: 8 legs: 8 =16?