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To many the "traditional family" is represented by the Waltons, Nelsons or Cleavers of 1959's and '60's TV. These families can best be described as uptight, dull and artificial. They were no fun at all.

They were characterized by:

  • Two never before married opposite sex people married and faithful
  • Children - obedient and neat
  • Mother stays home cleaning and cooking - mindless about the world and its affairs
  • Father earns all the money - nobody knows about his work or hobbies
  • Religious in a vague white protestant manner
  • No sex, drugs or rock and roll for anyone
  • Nobody argues, expresses an opinion or is in nay way disruptive.

While this does not reflect the "traditional" family lifestyle of almost all of the human race for almost all times in the past, it certainly does not reflect North American or European families today:

  • Families are now a collective of people working together as a small social group
  • Sexes and roles are not fixed - mothers work, fathers nurture
  • Everyone can get an education
  • Everyone has their own lives outside of the family
  • Everyone has problems and are vocal about them and supported by the others
  • Same sex marriage (with or without kids) is a reality

The traditional family of the mid-century is not likely to return.

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Q: Does traditional family have a future?
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