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well ive had those tastes before and there bad so i can truely not help you sorry

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Q: Does topramax altered taste go away?
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Why does my water taste and smell funny after replacing faucet stems and will it go away?

because its new and yes it will go away

If an inflamed taste bud does not go away can it be cancerous?

An inflamed taste bud is usually not cancerous. However, if the inflammation does not go away or is accompanied by other concerning symptoms, it is important to consult a doctor for further evaluation to rule out any potential underlying issues, including oral cancer.

Can Effexor cause metallic taste?

Yes but it should go away after a couple of weeks

The taste buds on the tip of my tongue are swollen they have been as long as I can remember They don't hurt but they never go away Why are my taste buds swollen and how can I get rid of them?

they ARE your taste buds everyones tastebuds are different size

Why does when your sick your burps taste like eggs?

When you are sick, your stomach acids may become imbalanced due to the presence of bacteria or viruses. This can cause the production of hydrogen sulfide gas, which has a sulfur-like smell similar to rotten eggs. As this gas travels up through your esophagus, it can mix with air and saliva, leading to burps that taste like eggs.

Does Cyclosporiasis go away?

Even without treatment, symptoms usually do not last much more than a month except in cases with altered immunity

When you burn your tonue do the taste buds grow back?

i think they do because the taste buds grow back but do taste buds not work during the night?

What is a infected taste bud?

a infected taste bud is a little white dot on the tongue and what you do it hurts, however you can get those by eating really hot foods to quick or by biting the tongue several times in a row after a period of time it will form a taste bud then in about a week the taste bud will go away and form a cancur soar then you put salt on it and let it heal until it goes away.

Why do your burps taste like grease?

You probably have heartburn. Take some Tums or other kind of antacid and it should go away.

Does the medicene in inhalers taste bad?

yes it taistes like crap but just eat or drink something it'll go away

What are the release dates for MuscleCar - 2001 Altered E-Go Exhaust?

MuscleCar - 2001 Altered E-Go Exhaust was released on: USA: January 2010

Is it normal to not be able to taste anything but metal if you just got your tongue pierced four days ago?

When I had mine done, I couldn't taste anything at all. My tongue swelled up for 2 weeks and all I could stand to eat was mashed potatoes. Make sure you keep it clean, listerine works really well, and the metalic taste should go away. If after say, another week, it doesn't go away, take the stud out and see a doctor. ANSWER I still could taste everything i ate and never got that metal taste in my mouth!