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Q: Does too much oxygen causes edema?
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Can too much oxygen harm community tank fish?

No. There is not such thing as too much oxygen just too much carbon. It is good to have a lot of oxygen so the fish dont die because of no oxygen.

What does edema do?

In edema, either too much fluid moves from the blood vessels into the tissues, or not enough fluid moves from the tissues back into the blood vessels. This fluid imbalance can cause mild to severe swelling

Can you die of salt water?

The danger of too much salt is high blood pressure, it can causes you to retain fluid and can lead to swelling (edema). If you have symptoms of heart failure, yes to much sodium can cause death due to high blood pressure and fluid retention. I have witnessed this happen to my boyfriend, who died at age 45 from a massive heart attack, with pulmonary edema due to too much sodium.

What environmental problem caused by the use of ferlilizers?

Fertilizer runoff pollutes the water shed and water down stream. This causes too much growth in bays and coastal waters. This causes oxygen depletion.

What happens when someone hyperventilates?

They breathe too much oxygen. This causes light-headedness. Breathe slowly for awhile or breathe into a paper bag to raise your CO2 .

What causes having too much strength?

too much strength is when you excercise, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Can too much oxygen be toxic?

Yes it can.

What would happen if their was too much oxygen?

Too much air would harm the body

What is meant when you say too much is bad and too little is bad?

The "Goldilocks Principle" applies to everything. For anything you can name, there is "too much!", or "too little", or "Just right!" Water; too much water, and you will drown; too little water and you die of thirst. Food; too much and you get fat, too little and you'll starve. There's a "Just right!" somewhere in between. Oxygen; too much oxygen, and you'll have seizures and you'll be brain-damaged. That's why scuba divers never dive with pure oxygen; below about 40 feet depth, the oxygen becomes toxic. Too little oxygen, and your brain will starve.

The idea that too much money in the economy causes inflation?

quantity theory: Theory that too much money in the economy causes inflation.

Can too much oxygen cause respiratory failure?


What are the causes for kidney failure?

When you eat too much salt and drink too much sugar