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No. Timolol maleate does not contain sulfa in it.

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Q: Does timolol maleate have sulfa in it?
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Why don't you package your Dorzolamide HCI Timolol Maleate in a see through bottle so we can tell when we a low or nearly out?

Yes, want to know the answer! Cannot tell the level of the eye drops in the 'little' bottle, and my pharmacy cannot refill my script because it's too early.

Who makes timolol?


What is the cheapest price for dorzolamide-timolol?


Does Sulfa contain Penicillin?

Penicillin is not a sulfa drug.

Does Triamcinolone have sulfa in it?

No. Triamcinolone does not have sulfa in it.

Does alprazolam or xanax contain sulfa or are they sulfa based?

No. Above mentioned drugs do not contains sulfa drugs. They are not sulfa based also.

What is zinc maleate?

Zinc maleate is a salt with the chemical formula C4H2O4Zn. The IUPAC systematic name is zinc-2-butenedioate. Zinc maleate is an additive (stabilizing agent) for some polymers, as PVC.

Does Adderall XR have sulfa in it?

Nope! I take it and am allergic to Sulfa. ---- No, Adderal does not contain any sulfa moieties.

Does crestor contain sulfa?

No. Lipitor does not contain sulfa.

Do cranberries have sulfa?

cranberries do contain sulfa. Sulfa is used in anti-biotics. Cranberry juice contains sulfa which is also a drug used in the manufacture of anti-biotics

What is chlorphenamine maleate 4mg?

Chlorpheniramine maleate is an antihistamine. It counters the effects of too much histamine that your body makes when it has been 'attacked' by allergens like pollen or by a virus like a cold or the flu.

What is the limit to use the latanoprost and timolol solution after opening the container?

28 days