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Yes ti has a little sister named Lateshia Clark Harris.

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Q: Does ti have a brother or a sister?
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Does ti have any brother and sister?

TI really has a sister named LaTeisha Clarck Harris.

What is TI brother and sisters names?

T.I.'s sister name is Precious and his younger brother is Bryce.

Are ciara and ti brothers ans sister?

No Ciara and T.I are not brother and sisters nor are they related.

Who is Ti's real brother?

He brother is T.I.p

Does ti have a younger brother?

T.I. doesn't have any brothers he only has sisters. If you're referring to T.I.P (appeared in Big Things Poppin video) then that is not his twin brother. It's his alter personality and he had a look alike play his alter personality.

How are Malcolm X brother and or sister?

he did have brother and sister he had two sister and he had 1 brother

Niece as to nephew as brother is to?

Niece is to nephew as sister is to brother.

Does miley have a sister or a brother?

She has 1 sister, a step-sister, a step-brother, a half-sister and a half-brother

Did Ti's brother die?


How many brother and sister he had?

he has one brother one sister

Why do you call your brother's sister aunt?

You don't call your brother's sister your aunt. Your brother's sister is your sister, or you. Your aunt is the sister of your mother or father.

How are you reated to your sister's husband's brother?

You are not related to your sister's husband's brother. However, her husband is your brother-in-law and his brother is your sister's brother-in-law.