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Yes it has. The Scapula and humerus forms the shoulder joint and they both coordinate to give overhead abduction, that is abduction above 90 degrees.

for every 30 degree movement of the arm or the humerus the scapula moves by 10 degrees. We cannot have overhead abduction is our scapula is stabilized or does not move.

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Q: Does the scapula have any movement?
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Is tipping of scapula same as winging of scapula?

No. Winging Posterior movement of the medial border of the scapula, Rotation about a vertical axis. Tipping Posterior movement of the inferior angle of the scapula, Rotation about a transverse axis

Which movement is not associated with the scapula?


What process on the scapula does not articulate with other bone?

The medial border of the scapula is what does not articulate on the scapula with any other bone. It is actually parallel to the vertebrae column and because it does not articulate the arms as well as shoulders have move movement.

IS upward rotation of the scapula the same as lateral rotation?

Yes, both upward and lateral rotation are used to describe the same movement of the scapula. It's the movement of the scapula away from the midline.

Type of movement trapezius produces?

stabilizes, raises, retracts, and rotates scapula; adducts scapula and elevates /depresses scapula stabilizes, raises, retracts, and rotates scapula; adducts scapula and elevates /depresses scapula

What is the movement of the scapula when the humerus abducts?

Moves shoulder away

How the patella and scapula similar in form and function?

The patella is the knee-cap and protects the knee joint. The scapula is the shoulder blades and is related to arm and shoulder movement.

What does swelling under the scapula mean?

Your scapula is your shoulder blade. So any swelling in the top of your back or by your shoulder joint.

Do horses have collar bones?

To allow greater freedom of movement for the scapula and hence gives the ability to run at higher speeds.

What does the frog scapula do?

The frog doesn't have a scapula

What is the Job and function of the scapula?

The scapula, also known as the shoulder blade, is a flat bone located on the upper back. Its main function is to provide attachment points for muscles that control shoulder movement, such as the deltoid and rotator cuff muscles. Additionally, the scapula helps stabilize and support the shoulder joint, allowing for a wide range of arm movements.

Which bones for the pectoral girdle?

The movable pectoral girdle bones are the scapulae and the clavicles. These bones must have a range of movement in order to allow the upper body to function properly.