Does the human body absorb water while swimming?

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I weigh308-312 depending on the time of day. I started weighing myself before and after my daily 60-minute swim. I consistatly absorb approximately 7=10 pounds of weight in that hour. I swim about 3/4 mile in that hour period - breast, back and freestyle 30/30/30. I suspected I was absorbing a month ago when I went to my dr. appointment. I'd weighed that morning at the Y; then swam and went to my appointment to find the 12-pounds showing up on his scale. I attributed this to scale differences, the fact that I was clothed and wearing shoes. I began weighing before and after and sure enough, because of my over-sized human "sponge", I absord perportionately. I suppose someone "smaller"; leaner BMI might absorb somewhat less... a 150lb man might only pick up 2-3lbs water??? I will continue to mintor.

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Q: Does the human body absorb water while swimming?
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Can you swim while on your period?

Yes, it is quite possible to swim while having your period by using tampons, which are small, cylindrical-shaped cotton usually inside an applicator, that one can push into the vagina in order to absorb the blood and prevent it from flowing out. The vagina's muscles will automatically "grab onto" a correctly placed tampon, and so you needn't worry about it falling out while swimming. For some people, however, the comfort level of swimming while menstruating is greatly decreased by menstrual cramps, which can get worse depending on the temperature of the water. However, some people take common over-the-counter pain/inflammation relieving drugs such as ibuprofen, Aleve, or aspirin, which usually allow for comfortable swimming.

Can you shower while on your period?

Yes. The blood stops flowing once you are in water: like taking a shower/bath or swimming in the pool.

Why is my ear crackling?

it could be that you never cleaned your ears in a while. go clean your ears. or it could be that you went to go swimming and got water in your ears. Also , could be the natural thing that happens when , if you drink it can help.

Your ear has been hurting ever since swimming 2 days a go what should you do?

You have swimmers ear. You need ear drops. Twice a day and it will be gone soon. Well,either you have got water stuck in it or you have caught an ear infection. for water in the ear the thing that always works for me is jumping on the side of the sore ear onto a sofa or a mattress. For an ear infection well, this is a very common thing to catch while swimming just get drops and if it continues see a doctor for syringing (rinsing the ear out with water-It feels quite nice!)

Can you swim if you have stitches in your forehead?

Doctors recommend avoiding swimming while you have stitches. You should wait until the wound has healed and the stitches are removed.

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Why does the animal cell absorb water while the plant cell does not?

its the other way around plant cells do absorb water while animals do. plants absorb water for photosynthesis

How can you hide your toes while swimming?

You can wear water shoes to hide your toes while you are swimming.

Can you get pregnant by swimming pool water?

Only if you have sexual intercourse while swimming. From the water itself? No.

Can you use a pad while swimming?

You can not wear a pad while swimming mostly because you'll leak. The blood will drip into the water, which is humiliating, first of all, for women. Also, because the pad is surrounded and drowned in water, it could fall off. I'd just use a tampon while going swimming. It'll stop you from leaking, it'll just absorb the blood and you'll be fine. Good Luck

What is unusual about swimming in the Great Salt lake?

The Great Salt Lake has a high concentration of salt in the water. Considering that about 70% of a human body is water (with a very low relative concentration of salt) a human has a relatively low density and that makes a person float while swimming

What happens to the equilibrium of the water when you dive into a calm swimming pool?

It moves away from the human anatomy while u dive into the pool. This also decreases the viscosity in the water

During a young woman's menstrual period will the flow stop while in the water?

No, it continues pretty much constantly. Most women wear tampons when they go swimming, as the pads absorb water and get really heavy and messy.

What is the technique of swimming?

moving in the water while not drowning

Do swimmers sweat while swimming?

They do, but it bleeds with the water.

Can you go swimming while wearing a sanitary pad?

You mustn't go swimming while wearing sanitary pad because the pad will be wet and it is dirty. However, you can swim while wearing a tampon. It will not absorb very much the water from outside of your body. When you get out of the pool/ocean/lake, change your tampon or go back to a sanitary napkin.

The amount of water pressure you experience while swimming in a pool depends on what?

how deep you are in the water.

Should you go swimming while you have a cold?

no...the water will make it werst

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