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Cartlidge Cannot Heal Itself, Meaning The Piercing Will Just Grow Over With Skin There is no way to replace the cartilage

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Q: Does the ear cartilage reconstruct itself after being pierced or it remains cracked forever and the hole is just being filled with skin?
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How do you know if your ear cartilage is cracked after having it pierced with a gun?

The best way to tell if your ear cartilage is cracked after having it pierced, is to feel it. If you feel a gap or if it is very sore weeks after, it might be cracked.

How old to get cartilage pierced in minnesota?

how old do you have to be to get your cartilage pierced

How old do you have to be to get the cartilage in your ear pierced in South Carolina?

you can be any age to get your cartilage pierced. well not any age you have to be 10+

Do they numb your ear when you get your cartilage pierced?


Should I get my cartilage pierced if I am an athlete?

You can get the cartilage pierced regardless of your being an athlete or not. It is your choice. I personally do not understand why people pierce themselves.

Can you get your cartilage pierced at 10 in the state of nj?


Does getting your cartaledge pierced hurt?

it does hurt if you get your cartilage pierced. It will continue to hurt for about two the four weeks after you get it pierced.

What happens if i pretend am 16 to get cartilage pierced?

You dont need to. I'm 15 and I've had my cartilage pierced for about a year and a half. You just need parental consent.

Which ear do females get their cartilage pierced on?

Many people say homosexuals get there cartilage pierced on the right. But many people don't believe that. It really depends on what you prefer.

What is the age where you can get your cartilage pierced in Illinois?

13 is the age.

Can you get your cartilage pierced without your parents there in Ontario?


Where can you get your ear cartilage pierced when your twelve?

At the crenshaw mall