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Less than one quarter, about 20 %.

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Q: Does the brain use more than one quarter of the oxygen breathed by the human body?
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Which part of human body consumes one quarter of the oxygen?


Which part of human body consumes one quarter of oxygen?


What is the mechanism of ventilation?

The mechanism for pulmonary ventilation is the respiratory system in the human body. Oxygen-rich air is breathed in and carbon dioxide is breathed out.

What are the benefits of planting trees?

Trees help to reduce global warming by 'cleaning the air'. Here's how: * A gas that helps to cause global warming is carbon dioxide. * Trees 'breathe' just like we do except when they breathe they take in carbon dioxide not oxygen. * When a tree breathes out it breathes out oxygen. * This is then breathed in by a human. * Carbon dioxide is breathed out the the human... * ...and breathed in by the tree... * This carries on continuously.

How much oxygen is breathed into a human lung in one breath?

if oxegyen was water then about 5 gallons of water you breath in each breath

What is the Oxygen requirement by a human?

Because oxygen is used to burn glucose, the fuel preferred by the brain. At rest, you use about 20% of the oxygen you breathe to keep your brain running.

Is oxygen found in the human brain?

Yes. In fact, such is the brain's demand for oxygen that it requires 20% of your total oxygen supply. This explains why it is served by so many blood vessels.

What causes every single human death?

Asphyxiation - lack of Oxygen to the brain!

Why do you have blood in your brain?

The human brain is just like any other organ in the body, it needs oxygen and nutrients in order to survive. The blood is the main supplier of the body (including the brain) oxygen.

What organ in the human body uses 40 percent of the oxygen in your blood?

The brain consumes 40% of the oxygen in your blood.

Which part of the body uses the oxygen most in human beings?

The human brain consumes 25% of the body's oxygen compared to 15% for the kidneys and 7% for the heart.

Which part of human body uses more than 25 percent of oxygen?


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